acctive performance analyzer

a new generation assistant for hardware design

What is Acctive Performance Analyzer ?

Acctive Performance Analyzer is a software assistant for early detection of failures. It enables electronic design teams to have new capabilities for handling design improvements.

With Acctive Performance Analyzer you can:

  • Get exhaustive worst case analysis
  • Know where the weaknesses are
  • Explore design alternatives
  • Manage & reduce risks
  • Avoid human error
  • Save design loops
  • Generate reports
  • Trustworthy results
  • Unify development methods
How does it work ?

Simply import your schematic from the CAD tool of your choice, select the required stimuli and you’re done!

Worst Case in Transient Analysis

Acctive is natively built to perform Worst Case Analysis. The Local Truncation Error guarantees the 1μ Volt accuracy.

Models Database

Instead of using SPICE models, Acctive Performance Analyzer extracts data from component datasheets and ensures traceability.

Operating Range

Acctive Performance Analyzer analyses all maximum ratings and provides a clear view of the components which are used out of their range.

Automatic Differentiation

Acctive Performance Analyzer performs automatic differentiation instead of numerical differentiation.

" As a R&D hardware engineer, I've personally experienced the number of hours passed doing tasks
without any real added value. With Acctive, my goal was to automate some of
these tasks in order to enable engineers to create and innovate again! “ 

- Yoann Meste, Creator of Acctive and founder of AccelaD